Friday, 28 April 2017

Vertue burgee and book

Found this Vertue burgee onboard while cleaning Thomasina out. I think we got it from Bruce and Thelma on Tui of Opua??

Also scored this rare beauty at our local Marine Market the other week. Couldn't believe my luck with I found it in a pile of books for sale. Will take pride of place on the bookshelf.

Out of the water and onto the hard

Thomasina is currently on the hard for annual antifouling and painting. All is going well, she was remarkably clean so we were able to quickly get onto the painting. We'll also do the topsides and we have had new gold coloured name stickers made that will also go on before she goes back in the water. Next job is to get the decks painted and new deck tread on, new sailcover, new lee covers, new boom cover, redo the lazy jacks and put the stanchions all back together.


The interior is all varnished and looks fabulous I must say. We've added a new porthole mirror and a few more personal touches too. Can't wait until we can get all the freshly cleaned soft furnishings (and new cushions, new bed, new mat) back in and start day sailing and holidaying on her.

I'll post some interior shots when its all back together.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Work continues

In the past couple of weeks, on our rare days off together, we've been working to empty Thomasina and continue to tidy her up for our trip later this year. We've painted the interior cabin top sides and will start work on interior stripping varnishing this week. The cabin sole will be sanded and refurbished.

We are also stripping everything out of the boat - totally emptying it and its amazing how much you can store in 26ft. Thomasina has always had good storage and we easily carry all the sails, spares, tools, food, clothes, water and fuel we need for extended trips. Over the years we've collected too much on board, so we're starting from scratch again and only taking what we need for our trip north.

Her exterior is looking a little sad at the moment, half finished paint work, but its way too hot here in Queensland to work on the exterior. Inside it gets warm sitting on the marina, but opening ports and hatches catch whatever breeze is there, no matter how small.

A mirror which was looking a little old will be replaced with a new porthole shaped mirror.

Work continues this week...

Friday, 13 January 2017

Preparation continues for our 2017 odyssey north

Thomasina is being prepared for a trip north this year. Leaving from Mooloolaba port on the Sunshine Coast we will head north and see how we go. No firm plans, rather to enjoy the time, pick our weather windows and take our time - we are doing it for nourishment, not punishment.

She is currently away from her usual mooring in a local marina and tied up to a walk on walk off berth, which is a real treat rather than having to dinghy out to her.

A lot of work is being done on deck and below to prepare her for the trip. Painting, repairing, renewing, varnishing, canvas work etc... you know the deal.

We have an ever growing list of jobs to do and things to buy. But its fun planning this adventure and it will be great to see her being used for what she was intended for.

I'll post photos when I can of the work being done and the preparation and plans.

One thing we have done is invest in a thermal cooker - a Christmas present to ourselves.

Thomasina doesn't have an oven, only a two burner cooker and a BBQ. Adding this Shuttle Chef to the mix means we can enjoy a a whole new world of food while we travel. We've been testing recipes at home and its wonderful and easy!

To enjoy a slow cooked, delicious meal at the end of a day spent sailing, swimming, snorkelling, hiking, reading, fishing or sleeping, using minimal energy (less gas, meths, propane etc) while keeping the inside of the boat cool, all we need to do is start the cooking process off in the morning on the two-burner cooker, get the meal up to temperature, seal it up and voila! several hours later we sit down to a home cooked meal with minimal washing up.

They are expensive, but cheaper than a marine stove, and they are small enough to fit in our little Vertue quite nicely. The pots can be used as normal pots and you can store hot or cold food in them.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Myth or Fact?

Does anyone know...

On the wall of the Harbourmaster’s office in Durban, according to Vertue myth, is a notice. ‘In winds over Force 7, no yacht may depart without my authority. Unless she’s a Vertue’

Long time no blog

... bit of an understatement really. It's been five years, but since I've still remember my log in I thought I'd see if it still works and if so, it could be a nice way to keep a record of our adventures on Thomasina.

At the moment, she's being prepared for a trip north next year. This pic is from a while ago but its time to get organised and start sailing again. Hopefully we'll get some weather windows to do some day sailing too.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Summer in the subtropics

Thomasina is back in her home port now safely tied up and prepared for the subtropical summer.

With heavy rain, strong winds and the potential of cyclones being the norm, good mooring lines are vital.

While back home its time for repairs and maintenance, hatches need to be fixed, varnish applied, hatch covers to be sown up.

But there's still time to spend the odd day or two anchored off the sandy beaches here, diving into the water to cool off and spending some quality time (mini-weekend breaks) in our little water front home over the long hot summer.